• Georgia Carter

X-Berg Extreme Challenge 2019 – Press Release

After a few days of recovery, we look back in awe of the XBerg Challenge. The gloomy overcast weather may have hampered some of the athlete’s performances, particularly the paragliders, but it did not dampen their spirits.

Armed with Racefood for energy, Aquelle’ water to refresh them, CityRock buffs for warmth, Ici-co gel for muscle pain, and SPOT trackers to prevent anyone from getting lost, the 17 competitors were ready to battle the three day extreme race across the Drakensberg.

The extreme race started on 21st March 2019 from the Phat Chef Roadside Diner, and ended at the Drakensberg Brewery. The athletes chose their own routes to reach turning points and supply stops, which were located at Witsieshoek Mountain Lodge, Didima Camp, and Monks Cowl, to name but a few.

Cyclist Jon Kirkman was first across the finish line, completing 297km in 24hr and 43mins, a new record time! Cyclist team Justin Armstrong and Peter Joughin joined Kirman a day later, finishing the race on a strong note. Third place was awarded to solo runner Wesley Antonities, a first time racer.

Jon Kirkman, winner of the X-Berg Challenge Extreme race, glides across the finish line.

The XBerg Mini race, which consists of two instead of three days, kicked off on 22nd March at 8am at Didima Camp. Eight competitors raced across the fogged down mountains in hope of reaching the finish line before the following days 5pm cut off time.

First place was awarded to previous years’ participant Hendrik Van Zyl, who partook with multiple disciplines. Next across was first time racer and cyclist Russell Smith, followed by the five St. Martins school boys, runners Luca Correia, Enrique Lotter, Amir Bhika, Hansie Meyer, and David Midgley.

A fun filled prize giving and dinner at the Drakensberg Brewery was the perfect celebration to end off the adventurous weekend. The excitement has already started to build in anticipation for next year’s XBerg Extreme Challenge! Wheels certainly won this year, but who knows what next year holds. A huge extended congratulations goes out to all participants and organizers.


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