I strongly believe that our Earth is rich and abundant, filled with untapped knowledge and exceptional beauty. My aim is to uphold the belief that all beings should co-exist and synchronize with the nature that has given us life.

This rare gift and the experiences that come with it should be explored through writing and photography in order to be properly appreciated and create a humbling effect. I wish to relay this knowledge to others through compelling narratives and striking images. I believe stories and visuals of these kinds can empower, heal, and encourage change in individuals, communities and society at large.

Writing is a forceful and impactful vehicle of information, a sturdy tool that has the ability to transport and transform one’s mind. I am extremely passionate about writing and challenge myself to become a better, more influential writer every day. I know I still have much to learn but I am not afraid to face the obstacles within my pilgrimage to find my writing salvation.

I am a photography enthusiast. I believe photography can redesign perspectives, beliefs and emotions. The combination of writing and photography enables the influence of truth and a deeper understanding of the context and the subjects included in literary and visual works.

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